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Airturn joins Romeo Music at TMEA trade show to bring cutting-edge technology into the classroom. 

Airturn joins Romeo Music at TMEA trade show to bring cutting-edge technology into the classroom. 

Airturn and Romeo Music are committed to providing the best tech solutions to teachers and students. The Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Convention brought together over 11,000 active educators, who shared with us their needs for classroom technology. 

As we showcased our most popular items, the DUO500 Bluetooth pedal, and the TechAssist tablet stand, attendees experienced the learning enhancements that come along with hands-free device control. With applications ranging from presentations and performances to assistive technologies, Airturn products offer greater mobility, easier access to content, and reduced distractions. 

It was evident that the use of hands-free technology in the classroom can help create a more engaging, accessible, and productive learning environment for both teachers and students. We’re excited to use the tips and insight gained as we continue to support efforts to empower the next generation of artists and educators with the tools they need to succeed.

Check out Airturn products for the classroom here

Learn more about Romeo Music here.

Get more info about TMEA here.

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Sharyn Byer: The Legacy of a Forward-Looking Flutist

Sharyn Byer: The Legacy of a Forward-Looking Flutist

Sharyn Byer was a professional musician, teacher and mentor whose love of music inspired her students to pursue their own life-long journey of musical excellence. She was truly a music pioneer as one of the original instructors at the Institute of Fine Arts at Columbia, and one of the first musicians to digitize their sheet music.

In honor of her contribution and leadership, the Columbia Institute of Fine Arts was renamed the Sharyn Byer Institute of Fine Arts (SB ARTS) after her passing in 2021. Additionally, as a tribute to her legacy, the Flute Society of Washington established a scholarship fund in Sharyn's name, and presented her with their first Lifetime Achievement Award.

As an early adopter of AirTurn products, Sharyn understood the benefits of going digital very well. We had the fortunate opportunity to interview her about the benefits of digital sheet music and hands-free control with AirTurn products. 

Here’s a look at Sharyn’s 4-C setup for digital sheet music...

What do you do as a musician?

I graduated from the University of Miami School of Music and am Principle Flute of The Capital City Symphony in Washington, DC. I teach at Columbia Institute of Fine Arts and direct The Columbia Flute Choir. I tour with the International Flute Orchestra, and have performed in Europe, Russia, China and South America. I also play in First Light Ensemble and have performed locally in the DC area including at The White House.

Why did you switch from paper to digital sheet music?

I love having all my music available on one device, my iPad, and being able to easily take it all with me when I travel. Page turns are no problem with the AirTurn DUO! I can keep both hands on my flute at all times!! Dark stages are not a problem, either. I don’t even need a stand light because the scores are back-lit on the iPad! Also, I don’t feel like I’m hiding behind a big music stand because the iPad is so small. I can even position the music as close to me as I want and still see the conductor or the audience!

What are your “4-C’s” ?

1. Computer (for reading music)?

iPad 2

2. Content (what kind of music do you read and where do you get it from)?

I scan music into my computer and transfer to the forScore app on my iPad through iTunes. I can also open emailed PDFs with the forScore app. Once in forScore, I can store music by title, composer, genre, or keyword. I can even annotate the music and create setlists for different ensembles or performances.

3. Container (do you use any special holders for your computer)?

The AirTurn Manos & iPad vs. Music Stand

I have two holders that I like. The AirTurn Manos is very secure and sturdy. When I play C flute in First Light Ensemble, I am seated and use the iPad holder on an AirTurn goSTAND. Because it's adjustable for both sitting and standing, when I play in a symphony orchestra, I use the goSTAND because I need the iPad a little higher so I can also see the conductor. When I play the Contrabass flute, I need to stand to play and the goSTAND works great! I can fit a regular mic stand in my old folding music stand cloth cases and it goes easily in my gig bag. If I am playing locally, I can also just use a mic stand but that won’t fit in a carry-on bag for flying!

4. Controller(s) (do you use any special controllers for reading or working with your digital sheet music)?

I use the AirTurn DUO for hands free page turning (I need to keep both hands on my flute!) It works great on any floor surface and I am amazed how long the charge lasts! It is so easy to recharge with the iPad charger, even overseas!

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Shawn Eckels Rocks The AirTurn DUO

Shawn Eckels has been in a band since age 12 and always had a band. Having grown up in a Navy family, the travel bug was instilled early on. Toured and released 6 albums with, Speakeasy, based out of Springfield, MO, for 15 years from 1998-2012.  Currently touring the world and beyond with Andy Frasco & The UN, the band is about to release a new studio album in 2023, along side their endless touring schedule. 2022 saw the band tour the entire US, Europe, and hit some of the country’s biggest festivals and venues such as Bonnaroo, Sea Hear Now, High Sierra Music Festival and so many more. Check out the latest live release from the band, LIVE ON THE ROCKS, from Red Rocks Amphitheater in 2021. Shawn is currently living in Colorado and loving life.

The DUO works perfectly with my iPad, especially when I set up all my chord charts and lyrics in a set list mode for a gig. You can just fly easily through the tunes and rock!!!” - Shawn Eckels

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Choose Your Feel

AirTurn offers several different switch types that allow users to select the best 'feel'. 
Considering your use case, number of switches, and environment are also important when choosing your AirTurn pedal.
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Joe Gransden’s Big Band Goes Digital

Joe Gransden and his talented 16 piece Big Band have been playing together in Atlanta and all around the country for more than 12 years. The band is referred to as one of the busiest groups on the jazz scene because of their consistent, weekly performances and appearances. Before Joe started his band, he played trumpet in the iconic Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Once Joe Gransden’s Big Band began to book gigs around the country and started traveling with all of their cumbersome paper charts and equipment Joe quickly realized the need for a better music reading solution. As soon as Joe heard about using digital music charts and AirTurn products he took the plunge and got Apple iPad Pros, goSTANDs, MANOS universal tablet holders, and DUO footswitches for everyone in his band. Joe explained to us that “going digital and going with the AirTurn foot pedals and AirTurn stands has completely enhanced our performance.”

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Going Digital...from paper to pixels.

Digital sheet music has many advantages over paper – easy navigation of setlists, clean annotation, transposition with the touch of a finger, and so much more! Plus, storing your music on a tablet means traveling between home, practices, and gigs with your entire catalog!

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Mike Massé Covers the World with AirTurn

Contextual image
Mike Massé is a YouTube musician, with a channel of more than 200,000 subscribers where he posts acoustic classic rock covers that have gained over 60 million views.
At his early gigs he would take requests and needed to have all of his songs ready to play in a huge book. When Mike converted his music to digital, he got an AirTurn DUO pedal and an iPad with OnSong to create and play his arrangements. 
Now Mike can perform seamlessly without touching his tablet or carrying around a heavy book of songs. Plus, his new gear is ultra-portable!
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Do you read lyrics on stage and wish you could hide that fact from the crowd? It's never been easier than with AirTurn and The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR!

"The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® is THE first commercially available and affordable teleprompter manufactured in the USA with musicians specifically in mind.  We have been around serving musicians of all sorts from acts that perform 4 gigs a year to international touring acts with upwards of 240 shows worldwide.  Our customers are 18 to 82 years old and we have been building THE Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® SINCE 2009.  Call us toll-free at 800-841-9960 for more information or to order one of your very own today."

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Apple Books (iBooks) Now Compatible!

Apple Books (iBooks) Now Compatible!

iBooks has been re-released as a new version called Apple Books, and is now much easier to use with AirTurn products! Say no more to setting up Switch Control Recipes!

For use with an AirTurn DIGIT or DIGIT III, simply use the left and right arrows to turn pages in Books. If you are using a footswitch BT200 product, you will need to reprogram your pedals in order for this to work. Simply follow the steps below to get going with Apple Books!

1. Download and launch the AirTurn Manager App

2. Connect your pedal to the app

3. Select your desired Mode and switches

4. Assign the "Left Arrow" for moving pages backward and "Right Arrow" for moving pages forward

5. Go back to the main menu and select "Save to AirTurn"


For any questions feel free to reach out to us at

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Gaming & Assistive Tech with AirTurn

Gaming & Assistive Tech with AirTurn

Since their inception, video games have been largely inaccessible for limited mobility gamers. From input options to ease of use, the industry has failed to truly support these gamers. All of that changed in the Fall of 2018 when Microsoft released the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a large programmable and expandable controller designed for making gaming more accessible for limited mobility gamers. This initiative vastly improves gaming options and experiences for these gamers.

In addition to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, there are a number of various external switches that can be plugged into the Adaptive Controller depending on what type of mobility is required. However, many of these switches are out of the price range for some gamers.


Welcome the AirTurn FS-Xtend Series!

Gamers can utilize a single, dual, or quad switch system with included extension cables for minimal cost and setup. The switches can be easily operated by foot, hand, elbow, or head and can be mounted to just about anything. Whether you’re on Xbox, PC, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, the AirTurn FS-Xtend Series will work for you!

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