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Choose Your Feel

AirTurn offers several different switch types that allow users to select the best 'feel'. 
Considering your use case, number of switches, and environment are also important when choosing your AirTurn pedal.
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Joe Gransden’s Big Band Goes Digital

Joe Gransden and his talented 16 piece Big Band have been playing together in Atlanta and all around the country for more than 12 years. The band is referred to as one of the busiest groups on the jazz scene because of their consistent, weekly performances and appearances. Before Joe started his band, he played trumpet in the iconic Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Once Joe Gransden’s Big Band began to book gigs around the country and started traveling with all of their cumbersome paper charts and equipment Joe quickly realized the need for a better music reading solution. As soon as Joe heard about using digital music charts and AirTurn products he took the plunge and got Apple iPad Pros, goSTANDs, MANOS universal tablet holders, and DUO footswitches for everyone in his band. Joe explained to us that “going digital and going with the AirTurn foot pedals and AirTurn stands has completely enhanced our performance.”

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Going Digital...from paper to pixels.

Digital sheet music has many advantages over paper – easy navigation of setlists, clean annotation, transposition with the touch of a finger, and so much more! Plus, storing your music on a tablet means traveling between home, practices, and gigs with your entire catalog!

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Mike Massé Covers the World with AirTurn

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Mike Massé is a YouTube musician, with a channel of more than 200,000 subscribers where he posts acoustic classic rock covers that have gained over 60 million views.
At his early gigs he would take requests and needed to have all of his songs ready to play in a huge book. When Mike converted his music to digital, he got an AirTurn DUO pedal and an iPad with OnSong to create and play his arrangements. 
Now Mike can perform seamlessly without touching his tablet or carrying around a heavy book of songs. Plus, his new gear is ultra-portable!
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Do you read lyrics on stage and wish you could hide that fact from the crowd? It's never been easier than with AirTurn and The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR!

"The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® is THE first commercially available and affordable teleprompter manufactured in the USA with musicians specifically in mind.  We have been around serving musicians of all sorts from acts that perform 4 gigs a year to international touring acts with upwards of 240 shows worldwide.  Our customers are 18 to 82 years old and we have been building THE Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® SINCE 2009.  Call us toll-free at 800-841-9960 for more information or to order one of your very own today."

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Apple Books (iBooks) Now Compatible!

Apple Books (iBooks) Now Compatible!

iBooks has been re-released as a new version called Apple Books, and is now much easier to use with AirTurn products! Say no more to setting up Switch Control Recipes!

For use with an AirTurn DIGIT or DIGIT III, simply use the left and right arrows to turn pages in Books. If you are using a footswitch BT200 product, you will need to reprogram your pedals in order for this to work. Simply follow the steps below to get going with Apple Books!

1. Download and launch the AirTurn Manager App

2. Connect your pedal to the app

3. Select your desired Mode and switches

4. Assign the "Left Arrow" for moving pages backward and "Right Arrow" for moving pages forward

5. Go back to the main menu and select "Save to AirTurn"


For any questions feel free to reach out to us at

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Gaming & Assistive Tech with AirTurn

Gaming & Assistive Tech with AirTurn

Since their inception, video games have been largely inaccessible for limited mobility gamers. From input options to ease of use, the industry has failed to truly support these gamers. All of that changed in the Fall of 2018 when Microsoft released the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a large programmable and expandable controller designed for making gaming more accessible for limited mobility gamers. This initiative vastly improves gaming options and experiences for these gamers.

In addition to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, there are a number of various external switches that can be plugged into the Adaptive Controller depending on what type of mobility is required. However, many of these switches are out of the price range for some gamers.


Welcome the AirTurn FS-Xtend Series!

Gamers can utilize a single, dual, or quad switch system with included extension cables for minimal cost and setup. The switches can be easily operated by foot, hand, elbow, or head and can be mounted to just about anything. Whether you’re on Xbox, PC, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, the AirTurn FS-Xtend Series will work for you!

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DMX Lighting with AirTurn

DMX Lighting with AirTurn
We’ve all been there: you go to a show and notice the lighting is seriously cool; from the color changes to the timing to the strobes, it’s just ON POINT. You think to yourself, “Wow this band must have their own lighting tech, a real pro.” Now brace yourself. Go ahead. Maybe have a sit. Are you ready? Ok. Here’s the thing: Musicians can do this themselves now. Continue reading

AirTurn Helps Hawk Release

AirTurn Helps Hawk Release

Robby Resnick, from Soarin' Hawk Rehabilitation Center, videos himself releasing a red-tailed hawk back into the wild using the AirTurn DIGIT III.

Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehab is a non-profit organization that has been serving northeast Indiana for over 20 years. They provide education and rehabilitation efforts in order to preserve the raptor population for the future. You can learn more at Volunteer falconer Robby Resnick shared this self-recorded video of his latest hawk release using the AirTurn DIGIT III.

"These releases are a little gorilla in effort. Often we show up on a property and only have a few minutes to set up, release and leave. I needed a remote I knew would be tough and reliable. I also wanted something that I could program extra functions as needed. I haven't had great experiences with the inexpensive remotes you get with the little tripods. I felt it was time for an upgrade and Digit has been just what I need. And small enough to still drop into my glove if I need two hands".

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Keyboard Player for The Who Stays Portable with AirTurn

Loren Gold & AirTurn


Loren Gold is an American keyboardist, vocalist and songwriter. Since 2012, Loren has been the keyboardist / backup vocalist for The Who, including Roger Daltrey since 2009. Other artists he has toured with include Kenny Loggins, Don Felder, and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. Loren builds and hires bands for major tours, those of which have included pop stars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. 

Classically trained from age seven, Loren continued studies in ragtime, blues, rock, gospel, and R&B. Many years writing, recording and performing in original bands lead to touring with established artists, session work, songwriting, and accompanying singer/songwriters of all genres.

Loren uses an AirTurn DUO for tablet controls along with a MANOS Universal Tablet Holder w/ Side Arm, goSTAND & Boom

We asked Loren if he had any advice for new musicians.

When first starting out, try to take every gig, however big or small.  You will probably gain something from every experience, whether you realize it or not! 

We also asked what he liked best about using his AirTurn gear.

Definitely the portability and ease of use - and how it creates a very clean setup.
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