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Sharyn Byer: A Forward-Looking Flutist

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Sharyn Byer: A Forward-Looking Flutist

Sharyn Byer, Flutist, is another example of a forward-looking musician who enjoys a very active performing and touring life. Here’s a look at Sharyn’s 4-C setup for her digital sheet music needs.

1. What do you do as a musician?

I graduated from the University of Miami School of Music and am Principle Flute of The Capital City Symphony in Washington, DC. I teach at Columbia Institute of Fine Arts and direct The Columbia Flute Choir ( I tour with the International Flute Orchestra, and have performed in Europe, Russia, China and South America. I also play in First Light Ensemble and have performed locally in the DC area including at The White House.

2. Why did you switch from paper to digital sheet music?

I love having all my music available on one device, my iPad, and being able to easily take it all with me when I travel. Page turns are no problem with the AirTurn DUO! I can keep both hands on my flute at all times!! Dark stages are not a problem, either. I don’t even need a stand light because the scores are back-lit on the iPad! Also, I don’t feel like I’m hiding behind a big music stand because the iPad is so small. I can even position the music as close to me as I want and still see the conductor or the audience!

3. What are your “4-C’s” ?
a. Computer (for reading music)?

iPad 2

b. Content (what kind of music do you read and where do you get it from)?

I scan music into my computer and transfer to the forScore app on my iPad through iTunes. I can also open emailed PDFs with the forScore app. Once in forScore, I can store music by title, composer, genre, or keyword. I can even annotate the music and create setlists for different ensembles or performances.

c. Container (do you use any special holders for your computer)?

The AirTurn Manos & iPad vs. Music Stand

I have two holders that I like. The AirTurn Manos is very secure and sturdy. I also like the CrisKenna Xclip which is actually the one I travel with because it is less bulky. When I play C flute in First Light Ensemble, I am seated and use the iPad holder on an AirTurn goSTAND. Because it's adjustable for both sitting and standing, when I play in a symphony orchestra, I use the goSTAND because I need the iPad a little higher so I can also see the conductor. When I play the Contrabass flute, I need to stand to play and the goSTAND works great! I can fit a regular mic stand in my old folding music stand cloth cases and it goes easily in my gig bag. If I am playing locally, I can also just use a mic stand but that won’t fit in a carry-on bag for flying!

d. Controller(s) (do you use any special controllers for reading or working with your
digital sheet music)?

I use the AirTurn DUO Bluetooth transceiver, which includes 2 ATSF-2 foot switches, for hands free page turning (I need to keep both hands on my flute!) It works great on any floor surface and I am amazed how long the charge lasts! It is so easy to recharge with the iPad charger, even overseas!

Sharyn Byer and the Columbia Flute Choir at The White House