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Power Music Professional


Power Music Professional

$ 69.00

If you are looking for a professional solution to manage, annotate and display your music on a PC, Power Music Professional is for you!


Great features of Power Music Professional Include:

Display sheet music, chord sheets or even both side by side! 

  1. Search your entire music collection instantly 
  2. Create, store and share set lists (playlists) 
  3. Transpose chord sheets, add capo chords 
  4. Instant page turning using keyboard, touch screen or foot pedal 
  5. Display full screen - clearer than paper! 
  6. Add performance notes and annotations - visible for the whole band to see 
  7. Powerful chord sheet editor - import from PDF, copy and paste or type directly into the editor 
  8. Import sheet music from PDF files or use the built in scanner software 
  9. Shared music and playlists 
  10. Buy songs in Power Music format 
  11. Social network links, link to publisher web sites 
  12. Organise your music into Libraries 
  13. Quick Navigation - new page navigation with rehearsal marks 
  14. Print song sheets of lyrics from the playlist
  15. Link audio tracks for practice or backing tracks 
  16. Visually impaired musicians features 
  17. Melody Search 
  18. Full support for Touch screen or traditional PC
  19. Guitar tuner 
  20. Change pages per screen in real time!
  21. Share music with other Power Music Players or other devices you own including Power Music for iPAD

Includes DVD

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