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AirTurn Classic

$ 197.00 $ 167.00

Tablet Mount and App Control Bundle

The AirTurn Classic is designed for users that need a simple tablet display and hands free app control. Works well in both seated or standing positions. 


DUO 200 - Bluetooth Wireless Foot Controller

goStand - Portable Microphone and Tablet Stand

Manos - Universal Tablet Holder 

Best Page Turning Pedal

DUO 200 - Bluetooth Wireless Foot Controller - Experience customized hands-free app control. Keep your hands on your task and take your practice and performance to a new level.

The AirTurn DUO 200 began as a simple page turner for sheet music readers. Today, it has become the best page turner on the market due to its high-quality and long-lasting design. Featuring tactile, silent switches, the DUO 200 is nearly indestructible. The DUO 200 has a longer battery life, greater range, and faster connectivity than its competitors. Plus, it is completely customizable for keystrokes, shortcuts, switching types, MIDI, and so much more!

Depending on what app or software you choose, you can do more than turning pages. You can scroll lyrics and tabs, start and stop back tracks, start and stop a metronome and much more.

Portable Mic and Tablet Stand for Mobile Musicians

goStand - Portable Microphone and Tablet Stand - Less than 18” (453mm) when fully folded, and 58” (1475mm) when fully extended. Get portable and save space, keep your accessories conveniently within reach enhance your performance without clutter, create your perfect hands-free display.

Mount your mic, tablet, or phone without lugging around a bulky stand. Great for everything from the local gig to an international flight. Keep your accessories conveniently within reach and enhance your performance without clutter.

Best Tablet Holder for Page Turning and Performance

Manos - Universal Tablet Holder - Create your perfect hands-free display, view your tablet how and where you want, enhance your project without cluttering the workspace. Compatible with all phones and tablets up to 8.5" wide with or without a case - including iPad Pro.

Many performers find ease in storing digital sheet music, lyrics, notation, or tabs on their tablets or phone. Other performers use their tablets to control audio, lighting, backtracks, metronomes, and more!

With the MANOS Universal Tablet Holder, you can mount your tablet or phone almost anywhere. Probably the most common places are either on top of or on the side of your mic stand. Using one of three different side clamps, one or two devices may be easily mounted to the post of the mic stand.

Enjoy an unobstructed view of your device’s screen, as well as an uncluttered view from behind.

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