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AirTurn STOMP 6
AirTurn STOMP 6
AirTurn STOMP 6
AirTurn STOMP 6
AirTurn STOMP 6
AirTurn STOMP 6
AirTurn STOMP 6
AirTurn STOMP 6


AirTurn STOMP6

$ 139.00 $ 79.00

Six Switches, Limitless Possibilities. Stomp Into The Future

The STOMP 6 by AirTurn gives you the flexibility you crave on stage. It has 6 industrial grade footswitches in a full-metal enclosure that lets you control your rig without breaking from your performance. It connects wirelessly over Bluetooth to any computer, tablet or smartphone. With the limitless possibilities of apps that work with AirTurn, you’re only limited by your imagination.
Finally a switch with real flexibility to work with hundreds of popular apps. With iTunes and other multimedia players, it can run Stop/Start, Next/Last song, Volume up/down. Manage effects stored on your tablet or computer. Scroll lyrics and tabs, turn pages. The STOMP 6 works flawlessly with ONSONG, the best app for managing your stage performance. Navigate effortlessly through songs in your set list and then trigger backing tracks, visual media, light shows and much more — all with a stomp. Powerful MIDI controls in ONSONG let you preset your effects pedals, synthesizers and drum machines for each song you play. ONSONG gives you access to 40+ actions that gets you the gig.

Power your Stomp 6 with your 9V pedal board or a standard 9V battery (included). One 9V battery will last roughly 100 hours of play time depending on the brand and frequency of use.


  • Bluetooth 2.1 works with almost all computers, tablets & smartphones
  • 6 momentary footswitches
  • 6 operational modes
  • Heavy-duty aluminum enclosure
  • 9V pedalboard power supply or standard 9V battery (included)
  • Keyboard toggle switch for iOS
  • Works with hundreds of apps
  • Weight: 1 lb (0.45 kg)
  • Dimensions: 15” x 2.5” x 0.75-1”
  • 1 year warranty (excluding battery)

Please note: The STOMP6 is now an end of life product and there is limited inventory at this price. It is being replaced by the AirTurn BT200S-6 with more features and capabilities. The STOMP6 will work with iPad 2 and newer however the BT200S-6 will only work with iPad 3 and newer.


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