Bluetooth 4.0 Developer Kit - D3 – AirTurn

Bluetooth 4.0 Developer Kit - D3

$ 25.00

Printed circuit board to put together your own Bluetooth remote control product.


  • Seven programmable switch connections on a header
  • Rechargeable 200mah battery
  • Micro USB charging circuit
  • Sample operations manual
  • Firmware OTA upgradeable
  • Onboard red and blue LED’s for connection and battery status
  • GATT and HID Stacks with 5 separate signal profiles
  • 7 programmable switch connections for any momentary switch
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 1” x 28”
  • All pins broken out on header
  • Micro usb charging cable
  • Finger pads on back of board can used for carbon pill switching


We can assist in your product development and provide any or all parts to make your project a success including membrane switches, enclosures, labeling and more.

Framework available to embed in your iOS or Android app

(The PP Bluetooth PCB / D3 Bluetooth PCB are identical boards with the D3 having onboard LEDs and the PP having a zif connector)Contact for additional information