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AirTurn PEDpro

Bluetooth Pedals

All new AirTurn products can be customized and updated over the air to send any keyboard command or MIDI command. Select what level of tactility you want and how many switches. 

  • AirTurn PEDpro is a 2 switch no tactile pedal that uses a light press to actuate. Works like the button on a microwave.
  • AirTurn DUO and QUAD are tactile yet silent switches for folks wanting no sound in performance and recording environments.
  • AirTurn BT200S 2 and 4 are quiet steel switches for positive switch feel but little to no sound. 

Additionally, they will all work with AirDirect enabled apps.

BLUETOOTH 4 Connection

All new AirTurn products use Bluetooth 4 and are compatible with any device with Bluetooth 4 or higher. (If you have an older tablet or computer, check out our refurbished BT106 products.)

AirTurn MANOS tablet holder with Side Mount Clamp

Tablet Holders and Stands

Portable mic and tablet stands are important for musicians on the go! Seated or standing, with or without a microphone, AirTurn has a combination of products that can give you exactly what you need. And the great beauty is that it all shrinks up to fit into your backpack.

Handheld Remotes

Presentations, Camera and Video Remote, Turn Pages and more...
AirTurn TAP

TAP for Percussionists

Sometimes it is easier to just tap a trigger to execute an event such as a metronome, page turn, back track or dozens of other events.

Use the TAP for most environments.

Use the TAP BT-1 or the TAP BT-1x2 for an even bigger target and more fault tolerent requirments. Or order the TAP transceiver and use with your own piezo device.

AirTurn AT-104 Wireless Dual Pedals for Mac and PC with MusicReader PDF LITE Software

PC Solutions

If you don't have Bluetooth or are looking for a simpler connection method, our AT-104 series solutions will do the trick! Check out our great PC software options too.
From Paper to Pixels - eBook


Cables, specialty switches and more to work with your AirTurn products.

Build Your Own Bundle

Save with Bundles

Save when you buy a combination of products!
B-Stock DUO


AirTurn B-Stock items are open box, manufactured items that have a cosmetic defect or refurbished returned items. Inventory varies day to day, so check back if you are looking for a B-Stock item. B-Stock items are a great way to get a good deal on an AirTurn product!

Full one year warranty and 30 day return policy apply to all B-Stock Items.